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5891 Mamaway Hugaro Baby Carrier
5891 Mamaway Hugaro Baby Carrier
5891 Mamaway Hugaro Baby Carrier
5891 Mamaway Hugaro Baby Carrier
5891 Mamaway Hugaro Baby Carrier

5891 Mamaway Hugaro Baby Carrier

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The Benefits of HIP Carrying
Carry baby on your hip to be close to you while being able to experience the surroundings, for optimum emotional & physical development.

1. Sense of security for the optimum learning experience
2. Emotional development and bonding between you and your baby
3. Optimizing baby’s physical development
4. Easy to adjust

Instructions (Face-in cuddle position)


  1.  Firmly fasten the Adjustable safety buckle.
  2.  Do adjustment and tighten the straps. Secure the excess straps with the elastic safely loops.
  3.  Loop shoulder straps over your head.
  4.  Securely fasten the Adjustable safety buckle without tightening the straps.
  5.  Remove the shoulder strap from one of your shoulders and place baby in the carrier.
  6. Adjust baby’s position one side at a time. Hold baby with one hand at the desired height and tighten with the other hand. Swap hands and tighten the other side.
  7. Do a final adjustment and pull tight with both hands.
  8. Face-in Cuddle position is complete.
  9. Spread out the shoulder straps for ever weight distribution.


Wide view hip carry position   (To be done after completing the face-in cuddle steps 1 to 8)

  1. Take off one shoulder strap (either side is fine)
  2. Shift baby to the strapless side and make sure their arm is out.
  3. Adjust the straps.
  4. Pull forward to tighten.
  5. Spread out the shoulder strap (can be folded or spread out).
  6. Back view.


Taking Baby out of the Carrier  Attention: Please keep a firm hold on the baby.

  • Un-botton the hood.
  • Release the top safety buckle to give baby room to come out then remove shoulder straps.
  • Take baby out of carrier
  • Release bottom safety buckle


Looking after your carrier  Day to day care

  • Wash carrier with cold or warm water, spread out the carrier and hang in a cool place to dry.
  • Remove light stains with a wet wipe or wet cloth 


Attention:  When baby’s saliva dries on the carrier, the material of the carrier can become rough and irritate baby’s soft skin, Please clean areas immediately


  1.  Easy to use - Simply put your arms through the straps like putting on a jumper and click the buckles
  2. Ergonomic - Ergonomic design to hold around baby’s legs and hips with a wider, deeper seat for stability.
  3. Supportive - Enhanced support around baby’s legs and hips with a wider, deeper seat for stability.
  4. Hip carrying position -Hip carrying position for easy movement, bigger range of view for baby and better interaction with you.
  5. Pressure relieve shoulder straps - Patented fully adjustable, pressure relieve shoulder straps, ergonomically tested for even weight distribution, release shoulder pressure.
  6. Enhanced back support - Mid-section double buckle design enhances the safety of baby and distributes the weight evenly along your back.
  7. Reverse fold, extra wide waist band - Reverse fold, extra wide waist band adds support and control, making changing positions easy.
  8. Premium quality buckles -Premium quality buckles tested to the highest safety standards for easy adjustments and locks in position.
  9. Sleeping hood/ sunshade -The hood is adjustable to the baby’s height in the carrier
  10. Added comfort for baby -Added Outlast® Sensilate sheets to absorb excess bodyheat and keep baby comfortable.
  11. Added hip pocket -Exterior pocket on the baby’s bottom for small items or to rest your hands.

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