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BabyPlus® Prenatal Education System®
Today’s mom knows that when it comes to providing an enriched environment for learning and intellectual development, earlier is truly better. Although your child will continue to develop cognitively into adulthood, it is through an early enriched environment that specific pathways can actually fine tune your child’s memory, language, cognitive development and lifelong critical thinking. A recent study published by UCLA researchers states only 45% of the temporal lobe, the part of the brain which plays a central role in learning and memory, appears to be inherited. In other words you can make a difference in your child’s foundation for learning. That’s empowering!
A baby’s prenatal brain is highly influenced by auditory experience and is capable of learning. In fact, hearing opens a whole new world of stimuli to your baby. As his brain matures your little bundle of joy becomes increasingly responsive to sound. Prenatal children who experience our rhythmic patterns of sounds repeatedly, learn to discriminate between these sounds, indicating attention/orienting and eventually memory. When you introduce your baby to the unique BabyPlus curriculum, a new level of response takes place. This earliest learning helps develop a stronger foundation for a lifetime.
A Breakthrough In Early Learning
BabyPlus provides age-appropriate auditory stimulation designed to spark cognitive development and a unique bonding experience between mom and baby during pregnancy. Our sounds are developmentally ‘relative’ to the natural prenatal environment and introduce simple patterns to the prenatal child in the only language he/she understands – the maternal heartbeat. As a baby compares the simple rhythmic sounds of BabyPlus from those of their mother, learning and enrichment begin. BabyPlus is very easy to use and designed to be played for just one hour each day. For optimal benefit, an expectant mom can start using BabyPlus at any time between 18-32 weeks of pregnancy for just one hour a day. Our Lesson Calendar will help get you started!

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