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Combi 500ml Herbal Baby Bubble Bath

Combi 500ml Herbal Baby Bubble Bath

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In order to protect baby's fragile and immature skin, Combi reinvented the baby skin care series with 6 natural ingredients from Japanese Herbs. All products passed SGS skin test and are free from Paraben, alcohol and coloring agent to ensure maximum respect of the skin of newborns.

6 Key Ingredients from Japan's Natural Herbs
  • Aloe Vera - rish in polysaccharides, helps replenishing baby skin's natural moisture
  • Sakura Leaf - anti-inflammatory which helps improving rough skin and maintains baby skin's natural protective properties
  • Okinawa Okra - diminish inflammation and antibacterial, offering high skin tolerance
  • Peach Leaf - rich in tannic acid which is anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, safeguards against harmful environment influence
  • Wormwood - rich in Vitamin A, B1, B2, C and Fe, Ca, P which is also anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant helps nourishing baby sensitive skin
  • Gromwell Root - diminishes inflammation and has antibacterial properties, offering high skin tolerance

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