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Mother's Corn Chopsticks Small

Mother's Corn Chopsticks Small

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Eco-friendly, non-toxic tableware made of CORN for parents concerned about the environment and toxicity of the bowls, plates, and utensils your child eats and drinks from! Mother’s Corn chopsticks are the stage 4 cutlery for toddlers and kids. Learning how to use chopsticks in early age helps developing concentration and fine motion skills. It is such a perfect size for little hands!

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Eco-friendly, biodegradable, non-toxic, BPA free (FDA & FFC certified)
Made of PLA(Poly Lactic Acid) processed from corn starch.
Child friendly design
Anti-slip finish at the end of chopsticks to prevent slippage of food.
How to determine the right size for your child:
Please use the measurements below to choose the right size of chopstick for your baby. A ratio of 1.5 times distance between baby’s thumb and baby’s index finger is the correct length of chopsticks.
Small Size : 13.5cm / Medium Size : 15.5cm
Not suitable for dishwasher as it might shorten the life of the product.
Heat resistant -20/130oC

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