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Saya Freesize Stabilizer
Saya Freesize Stabilizer
Saya Freesize Stabilizer

Saya Freesize Stabilizer

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  • The stabilizer  is a SaYa accessory recommended for certain carrying positions like the Yakap (hug carry) and Lakbay (back carry).
  • It serves as another layer of security
  • It helps distribute the weight evenly to your hips.
  • Ideal when baby is heavier.
How the Saya should fit:
Smaller babies – up to 5 months: more coverage: back, legs and arms are in the pouch. Sling sits high since babies are lighter.
Older babies – legs are out, back taller and longer, babies may sit up, they just need a good seat to keep in place. The sling sits lower but never bellow the belly button of the mother.
Golden Rules for Baby Wearing:
  1. Lapit. - The Saya should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you. This will be most comfy to you and your baby.
  2. Kita. - Your baby's face should always be seen by a peek or a glance without having to move around the Saya.
  3. Halik. - The head of your baby should be comfortably close to you. With your head tipped over, you should be able to kiss your baby.
  4. Maginhawa. - Your baby's chin must never be forced onto their chest for comfortability and normal breathing.
  5. Alalay. - Your Saya should be the perfect size for you. A loose-fitting Saya will not be able to bring comfort and give back support for your baby.

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