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Saya VTB  Wine

Saya VTB Wine

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  • SaYa is a hybrid sling.This combines the convenience and nursing discretion of a ring sling,  the ease of use and deep pockets of a pouch sling,  the comfort and dual shoulder support of a wrap or SPOC (simple piece of cloth), the versatile style and wisdom of traditional Asian carriers, the modern fabrics, construction and durability of technical carriers.
  • Versatek Blend (VTB) is made of 80% nylon and 20% spandex  (Slight sheen, sporty fabric feel)
  • Refer to the size guide to get the correct fit.
  • Tight is right!
  1. Saya feel should be tight, tight fit means more secure hold.
  2. In 3-4 months, the fit will be more relaxed as fabric adjusts and baby grows heavier.
  3. Saya should never feel loose. Loose fit is dangerous.
  4. To wear the “tight” fitting Saya, mother should place the seam in the center along her belly button.
How the Saya should fit:
Smaller babies – up to 5 months: more coverage: back, legs and arms are in the pouch. Sling sits high since babies are lighter.
Older babies – legs are out, back taller and longer, babies may sit up, they just need a good seat to keep in place. The sling sits lower but never bellow the belly button of the mother.
    Golden Rules for Baby Wearing:
    1. Lapit. - The Saya should be tight enough to hug your baby close to you. This will be most comfy to you and your baby.
    2. Kita. - Your baby's face should always be seen by a peek or a glance without having to move around the Saya.
    3. Halik. - The head of your baby should be comfortably close to you. With your head tipped over, you should be able to kiss your baby.
    4. Maginhawa. - Your baby's chin must never be forced onto their chest for comfortability and normal breathing.
    5. Alalay. - Your Saya should be the perfect size for you. A loose-fitting Saya will not be able to bring comfort and give back support for your baby.

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