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Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant 100ml

Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant 100ml

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​- Provides soothing, aromatic lavender vapours to help children wind down and relax before bedtime. Great for adults too.
- A great sleep aid; could be part of a bed-time routine,
- Suitable for all ages
- Water-soluble; disperses evenly for strong, better quality vapours
- For use in Euky Bear Steam vaporiser; it creates all-night comfort and a peaceful ambience to aid better sleep


Directions for use:

In a steam vaporiser
Pour 10mL (approx. 2.5 capfuls) of Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant into water container and add water up to the fill level.  Use the vaporiser according to manufacturer’s instructions.

When using the inhalant for children under 2, allow good ventilation in the room (for example, opening a door) as some babies can be sensitive to the strong aroma of essential oils.

In the bath
Add 10mL of Euky Bear Sleepy Time Inhalant into bath and add warm water.
Keep out of reach of children. For use in steam only. Not to be taken. Contains bitterant to deter accidental ingestion.  Use only as directed. Store below 30° C.  Contains Ethanol.  If symptoms persist contact your healthcare practitioner.

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