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Sensitive care. Sensible choice.

BANZ® has been helping parents protect precious little eyes, skin and ears for 20 years with their innovative carewear.

The BANZ® Original Australian designed wrap-around 100% UV blocking baby sunglasses and kids sunglasses are the standard for children's sunglasses worldwide.

UPF 50+ infant swimwear and kids swimsuits, baby sunhats and kids sunhats offer complete sun protection from harmful UV rays that damage sensitive skin and eyes.

BANZ® industry-leading infant hearing protection and kids hearing protection set the standard for safely protecting your children from loud, damaging noises that can cause hearing loss.

Protecting children from environmental dangers like sun damage and hearing loss is easy with the BANZ® complete line of kids carewear products. In the water, at school, or at play, trust BANZ® to keep your kids safe.