Collection: Maple Landmark

We are proud to offer you high quality, American made, woodwork. Contrary to the attitude of many mass market manufacturers and distributors, origin is important. Preservation of domestic jobs is important, especially to those working those jobs.
The wood Maple Landmark uses is from native species. We use rock maple primarily, as well as some pine and cherry. These are some of the best materials for wooden toys and gifts, we are fortunate to have them locally available.
We have actively recycled materials from the very start. For us, it is good old-fashioned yankee frugality combined with modernday concern over the use of limited natural resources. In our business there are opportunities to either reuse materials or conserve right from the start.
We take our dual roles as an American manufacturer and as a manufacturer of wooden toys and gifts seriously. We are proud of the part we play in our industry and our community and will always endeavor to the higher expectations we, and others, place on us. We desire to operate in a world where all are alert to, and responsible for, their actions.