Surviving As A New Mom: Tips for Settling into the Newborn Season

Surviving As A New Mom: Tips for Settling into the Newborn Season

We’ve heard it all, from the generous tips and tricks to the annoying unsolicited advice - being a new mama is hard work. The mix of emotions can be overwhelming, from shifts in your identity to deciding whether to be a stay-at-home mama, to sleepless nights, to the joys of all your baby’s firsts, to loving your postpartum body, to baby blues, to building your own village… The list just goes on, one after the other. And just when you find your footing and settle into a groove, the baby starts teething and it’s almost as if you go back to square one. So let’s start and focus on just what you have at hand - newborn baby and new mama.


Establish a Routine

The newborn season will seem like a blurry haze when you’re out of it. But when you’re still in the thick of it, it can get really chaotic to a point where there will be days that it will seem that you’re running on autopilot. So establish a routine from the get go so that when everything is going haywire and you’re putting out fires here and there, you are anchored to your routine. You can always fall back into it no matter what. 

Babies (and even young children!) love structure and routine. The predictability gives them a sense of comfort and security. Whether you start before you pop, as soon as baby arrives, or even when you’re in the middle of taking care of a crawling infant, it’s never too late to put a structure in your day. You can start small by setting bedtime, a strict time when lights go out, or you can anchor your days according to mealtimes. For newborns, it helps when you track their feeding times and sleeping times, and try to stick to that by paying attention to baby’s hunger cues and sleepy cues.


Simplify Feeding

Whether you are breastfeeding or bottlefeeding, you can simplify it in your own way that fits your lifestyle. If you’re a SAHM or WFH mama, you can usually just pop out the boob to nurse and go the Exclusive Breastfeeding route (EBF). If you’re working outside of the home and on-the-go, pumping is always option, although it takes a lot of commitment.
The good thing is you have a lot of options for electric breastpumps nowadays, such as the Youha Handsfree Pump or the handy Wisemom Pocket Rechargeable Pump. Then again, there’s always the good ol’ Haakaa that now comes in Generation 3 with a screw-on bottle so that freshly pumped milk goes straight to feed baby.


Get Quality Sleep

New mama and newborn both need good sleep and that’s a given. There are only 3 things you need to sleep at zero to little cost. Think of a cave: total darkness, white noise, and a cold-temperature room (between 19 to 22 degrees Celsius). To achieve this ideal atmosphere for sleeping, invest in black-out curtains, use a white noise machine or find white nose or ambient music on Spotify, and set your A/C to 19 to 22 degrees Celsius. Add to that, a nice warm bath before sleeping sets the mood for a good night’s rest.

As you establish your routine, try your best to get 6 to 8 hours of sleep. While this is impossible when babies won’t sleep through the night yet, think of this as just a season, mama. Even if it’s hard, try to get some naps throughout the day as much as you can. If you can get support from baby daddy or anyone in your family to take care of baby while you rest, that would be wonderful. There is a light at the end of the tunnel, mama. Nightfeedings will end soon. For now, brave through this sleep-deprived newborn-giggles-filled season. Find strength to press on in baby’s every first milestone. You are doing great!

Set A Diaper Changing Routine

Diaper changes are cute at first, but if you do it often throughout the day every single day, it can get sucky. So aim to simplify with what works for you best. If we keep it at a base level, all you really need are diapers, wipes, and nappy cream. So keep a basket filled with diapers, wipes, and rash creams or nappy creams in every room in the house where baby stays.

Some new moms use a diaper changing pads or even a table, some don’t find the need for one. If you have the space and bandwidth to wash every so often, you might want to check out cloth diapers and reusable wipes. However which way you do it, mama, you are doing the best for your baby!


Prioritize Self-Care

A lot of mamas tend to scoff when self-care is being talked about. With all that’s happening, how could a new mama even think about self-care. Some of us have mastered the art of showering for 2-minutes tops before baby starts wailing. It’s not easy for sure. But it has to be done.

The beautiful thing about the newborn season is baby isn’t mobile yet, so take advantage of this, mama. Do something you enjoy given your limitations. Get an audiobook of your favorite book or listen to your favorite podcast. Put on a baby carrier and take a walk as baby contact naps on you. Enjoy an afternoon break with sweet treats like Bao Bao Babies’ lactation cookies and Mother Nurture’s coffee drink. Dasurv, mama! Let your baby witness how you enjoy life and invite him or her in!

These are just the basics as motherhood is a journey in it and of itself. So be mindful of the energies you surround yourself, mama. Seek and accept support from family and friends. If you need to hire help during this season, and have a budget for one, by all means, go for it. This season, no matter how difficult, is one that’s meant to be honoured and enjoyed. Be there for it!


We're here for you, new mama! 🤗 Settling in during the newborn season can be struggle so take your time. In the meantime, let us help you with your mom and baby needs, even during the wee hours, at And whenever you're up for some fresh air, feel free to drop by our shop Baobao Babies Store daily from 10am to 7pm.

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