Collection: Borny

Borny Korea is a private company founded in 2015 September. Borny is consisting of fashion/fabric/interior designer who leads the most trends in baby products industry. They come up with unique designs and patterns in every season that makes their products scarcity and trendy.

Borny Korea built their own RD laboratory and develop new design and pattern that they have proceed to apply design patents and intellectual property rights in over 60 different countries. Their new unique pattern, design and fabric make their products more valuable and no other competitors can mimic. The more you use, the more value of its' products. They inspect every products at least twice to make sure to serve the best quality. In order to do that, they only manufacture in Korea.

Moreover, Borny products are not only limited in Korea, but in other countries such as France, Japan, China, Indonesia, USA, Russia and many other. Borny participated in German Baby Fair, Tokyo Gift show, France MAISONOBJET and German Baby Fair.