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Brush-Baby was inspired by the founder Dominique Tillen's little girl who chewed her toothbrush.

Having a sister who is a dentist, she was well aware how important it was to keep her baby girl's gums and teeth clean. She was careful about what her baby ate and wanted to teach her that good oral hygiene habits (including liking her dentist!) could be fun, healthy and cool.

But tooth-brushing time could be a real battle! The founder's baby would chew her toothbrush, if she could get it into her mouth at all. When the founder went to the shops there was little available to help her. Brush-Baby was founded!

Young children’s dentition is developing from gums, through teething and on to the first set of baby teeth their eventual loss and replacement by adult teeth. So, Brush-Baby designed a range of products especially for babies, toddlers and young children that takes into account their tooth development, habits and brushing skills.

Brush-Baby want to help provide the best start for our children’s oral health so that as they grow up they can have the beautiful smiles that they deserve and we all enjoy.

Dominique Tillen Founder of Brush Baby | Best Baby Toothbrush
As a mother she discovered that young children's oral health wasn't given the attention it deserves and believe that her daughter and the children of her generation will want to grow up having the healthy smiles of tomorrow.

Brush-Baby was set up to help give them that opportunity.

The Brush Baby Team based in Rural Hampshire | 
From their office in Hampshire, UK the Brush-Baby team is working hard reaching out to parents, dentists and businesses in the UK and around the world to provide products to help improve children's oral health.

Brush Baby Products - innovative toothcare for Babys and Children
Brush-Baby products are thoughtfully designed to suit the dental development, toothbrushing skills and behaviors of babies, toddlers and young children.

Brush Baby Campaigns Brush 2 Mins 2 Times a Day
This year Brush-Baby launched it's 2x2 Campaign to raise awareness for young children's oral health.

They're also getting involved with the UK Parliament, making a case for toothbrushing and oral health education in nurseries and schools.

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