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Combi (shoft for "combination") was established in 1968 as an enterprise that is a "partner" to mother and child. In 2002 Combi adopted a new brand slogan to communicate. It no longer only caters to mothers and newborns but to all caretakers and small children. Through living our vision, mission and values, we strive to support parents to have a happy childhood with their children. We hope Combi may serve as an extra hand in child-rearing through product designs that bring happiness (joy and touch) and taste (quality, reliability, elegance).
"A baby is a family's dream come true." To actually nurture this dream, Combi is committed to creating the best possible environments for mothers and babies.
Since its establishment, Combi has grown from being a designer and provider of products for mother and child to a company that caters to the entire family, including health products. Currently, as we aim to offer our lifestyle solutions for young families around the globe; we work to internationalize our quality, brand recognition, and individual and organizational adaptive power. As a "creator of happy childhoods, and parenting partner", our company uses the best hardware and software. We are confident this approach will strengthen the connections with our clients, and help us create more successes together.
Product R & D
"Embrace" is the power of happiness
Combi products all spring from the idea of "embrace"
Rising children is a joy. Combi's foremost consideration is to create products that enable parents to radiate confidence when they're with their little darlings. In order to make customers feel at ease using Combi products, we apply the strictest quality management and seek advise from parenting experts, to find ways to let babies feel more love and care, and alleviate mothers' burdens and truly enjoy parenting.
Combi's safety standards are even stricter than Japan's
In its R&D and manufacturing, Combi abides by every law and regulation. On top of Japan's national safety standards, Combi applies its own internal standards regarding materials, usability and many other aspects.