Collection: Enfant

Enfant is a trusted brand by Filipino mamas and a staple in Filipino homes. Enfant is a local brand that provides mamas and papas with pure, premium quality and natural products such as toiletries, apparels, strollers, and toys among others.
The first Enfant Specialty Store was opened in 1995 in SM Megamall. This was a new idea back then and the products were untested in the market. But through the excellence of the products, management and staff, the store became a popular destination for mothers and families. The first store only included Enfant clothes and other apparels, but as the brand became more famous, more products were added to provide more choices for the customers.
The quality of Enfant's products, service and management allowed it to expand beyond its wildest dreams. But the end is not in sight. There is still room for improvements. With the advent of the new millennium and new challenges, Enfant will strive to become the best in the industry.