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Gelai is a word with Chinese etymology. In Chinese word it is called 坐月子, which means confinement after giving birth.

In Chinese tradition and culture, the 1 month post delivery period is very important for the moms. Every mom should make sure that her body receives the right nutrients to be able to heal, recover fast, and bring back their body’s natural state.
Unfortunately, most moms are not able to practice Gelai due to the tedious preparation and expertise required for this. Gelai Mama aim to simplify and provide a convenient alternative for new moms.


As a mom who went through the gelai period with a very good support system, the founder, Michelle, was able to recover faster and more comfortably. In her wish to share her positive experience, she thought of creating products to support this tradition. Thus, Gelai Mama is born.

Through this and other innovative products Gelai Mama hope to bring fast recovery, comfort and relief to the new moms there!

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