Collection: Little Freddie

We make food you'd be proud to eat. We just happen to feed it to babies.
At Little Freddie we go to great lengths to provide the highest quality food so parents can rest assured they are getting the nothing but the best tasting, most nutritious food for their baby.
Exceptional Ingredients
Better baby food is born of better ingredients. That's why we travel the world to source the most nutritious and downright delicious. When it comes to flavour and nutrition, nothing compares with quality ingredients. That’s why we work so hard to source exceptional ingredients from around the world. No filler. No added water. No expense spared.
Nutritionally Superior
We want to give your little gastronome the best start in life. Our recipes are developed alongside our paediatric nutritionist; Jo, to create food that is as nutritious as it is delicious.
Sustainability Matters

Our children deserve better: from the quality of their food to the future of their planet. As part of our Big Green plan we are on a mission to give more than we take.