Collection: Little Tree

Pure, safe and clean - these are the watchwords of our brand. Because little tree insists on the highest standards of health and safety, we maintain careful control every aspect of production - from ingredients to packaging, from research and development to sales and distribution. Every little tree product must be completely natural, additive-free and environmentally friendly.

Created in London in 2011, Little Tree's vision is "Clean and healthy babies in a clean and healthy world"

Its mission is to provide safe, natural products that help baby flourish and put mom's mind at ease.

Little Tree strongly believes that a socially responsible business should not only aim to increase its sales but also to contribute to a better future for its customers and society at large.

Despite higher costs, we choose only eco-friendly, recyclable materials for all our bottles, packages and labels, aiming to leave a cleaner environment to future generations. Adhering to the highest OECD standards, our products break down naturally within 21 days when exposed to water. Our materials are 100% biodegradable and are naturally broken down by microorganisms and sunshine.

We are committed to the scientific research and development that do not involve animal testing. Little Tree uses organic, non-irritating ingredients throughout our product line. We use advanced technologies to ensure that our baby care products are dependable, safe, and effective, while also preserving the harmony of nature.