Collection: Mustela

Mustela started in 1950, with the creation of the first cleansing milk for babies’ skin by Expanscience Laboratories. 70 years later, this French family business run by Jean-Paul Berthomé, the founder’s son, still has the same ambition: to offer innovative, safe, effective and natural skincare products. 

The Research and Development teams are recognized internationally for their dual expertise: the physiology of babies’ and children’s skin; and their proficiency in f plant extraction and active ingredients development. it always prioritize the use of carefully sourced natural ingredients as long as they meet the requirements in terms of quality, performance, and satisfaction of use . Before they reach you, Mustela products undergo over 450 tests – and pass them successfully!

As a family-owned business, Mustela control its' entire value chain, from research to marketing. 95% of the products are produced in a single production site in the Eure-et-Loir region (France) - ensuring safety and quality.

Placed under the auspices of “La Fondation de France” since its inception, the mission of Mustela is “to encourage research work and projects on child development and parenthood, all over the world”.