Collection: Playdate

PLAY DATE COLLECTION is family owned and was established on September 10, 2019. The business was conceptualized when our first born turned 1 and started to really get interested in toys and adventures. Inspired by a lot of research on educational toys in search for ones that as parents would allow their own children to be playing with, they came up with an idea to make collections of quality toys that would fit the perfect play dates to aid in the development of their little ones. A few months down the road, they decided to test more products and bring in more brands that will not only make their lives as parents easier but also promote a good and safe environment for the whole family.
As a specialty store, the company will continue to seek products that will inspire children’s creativity and imagination through play while fostering learning as well. On top of that, it aim to bring in more unique products that would take every family bonding experience with their little ones to the next level.