Collection: QToys


The conceptual founding of QToys owes itself to Dr. Quan Nguyen and Cathy Dang, M.Ed. We want QToys to be a play-based method of early childhood education, alternative to formal schooling.

We embed our early learning philosophy in the logo Q: you will see in the logo a seagull embracing the globe and the sun shining on earth from behind her wings. A child with imagination is as free a spirit as is a seagull. Children’s imagination is powerful. Like the wings of a seagull, imagination can bring the child to seashores beyond your imagination! But as a parent, you should not worry. Children learn through imagination. Nurturing your child’s imagination helps your child to learn. Learning is like the sun rays shining on your child’s world and brightening their future. QToys aims to help you nurture your child’s imagination.

Growing over the years, our design team now includes artists, teachers, engineers and industrial designers. All share the passion to create toys for children to learn through play. Our expertises and experiences help us to blend the educational value of toys, fun and childhood imagination with high quality timber design.

Educational value is the strength of QToys products. Every design of QToys has a specific educational function in order to foster children’s physical and mental development.