Collection: Simple Wishes

Our mission has always been to provide exceptional products that support women during their breastfeeding journey to help give them a stronger sense of confidence in their ability to provide for their family and themselves. We learned through our own mother’s experience breastfeeding all nine of us that there are tremendous benefits, however, there can be challenges. Through our products, we strive to alleviate some of those challenges to help empower women to continue providing such wonderful nutrition for their baby. Breastmilk is in fact the first organic meal your baby will consume. We have built a network of other mom invented, mom run businesses over the years who have become an indispensable think tank for us. We are always giving and receiving feedback so we can offer the best products and advice possible.
A woman who feels supported has a tremendous amount to give to her family and community. We work hard to help her so she can spread the love.