Collection: Snoozebaby

The Beginning

The idea of labels arose in 2004 when a premature baby with start up difficulties, found peace and comfort by feeling on soft fabrics; he was completely relaxed while rubbing the fabrics and searching for his thumb. He stopped crying and fell asleep, a respite for his parents! The first comfort toy in The Netherlands, Sweet Dreaming was introduced in 2004 and was a ‘gap in the market’ so to speak. Ten years later, Snoozebaby is a well-known brand on a national scale, as well as an international scale that keeps expanding their range of accessories to dress your entire baby room.

Distinctive Character

Our biggest distinction lies in the softness of our fabrics and the labels; these cannot be missed on any of our products. All Snoozebaby accessories offer peace and comfort. From comfort toys to plush toys and from the changing mat to the play mat. By feeling, fiddling, thumb-sucking and stroking the soft fabrics and labels, babies create their own comfort zone. The soft fabrics have a calming effect which satisfies your baby’s needs and make him fall asleep or stay put in the car or buggy longer.
Feeling on all the labels stimulates their sense of touch and promotes their fine motor skills.

Baby Accessories

Snoozebaby is a Dutch baby accessory and textile brand that develops and designs ultra-soft, functional and dreamy baby comfort products on an international scale. The lifestyle baby accessories are divided into 3 categories: nursing, soft toys and newborn fashion.

Your Baby's Development

Try to think back to when you were a 3 to 4 month old baby; they can’t really express themselves properly; so they either cry or are happy. By touching and feeling, their brains get a boost, and if that feeling is pleasant, it calms them. Another aspect of these accessories is that the fabrics are kept as natural as possible (100% cotton, otherwise velours or 100% polyester) so that the body scent of mom and dad can be transferred. Your baby will feel at ease because they can pick up the scent from their mom and dad. When babies are happy, parents are too.