Collection: Swimava

Our Swimava Starter Ring gently supports the head above water allowing your infant to float and enjoy free mobility of his arms and legs. This “treading” motion is one of the first steps to early water safety and aids in the development of muscle coordination, balance, stamina, and breathing. Enjoy quality child-caregiver bonding while you’re infant experiences some of his first independent water time.

Our patented pediatrician’s design, featuring dual compartmentalized air chambers, was made with your infant’s health and safety as our highest priority. Always consult your pediatrician regarding early water activity for your infant and to ensure suitability of this product. 

Please note this product should be used as a lead up and transition to traditional baby swimming lessons and should not replace swim lessons. Swimava provides an excellent opportunity to encourage more active water time at home, when other constraints limit the time you can spend at a pool.

On average, how many hours does your infant sleep each night? Record your infant’s sleep patterns and durations before and after Swimava and compare the difference after one week of regular Swimava bath time each night. Set aside 15-20 minutes of Swimava bath time within 1 hour of bedtime and notice your infant’s improved sleep quality and duration. We believe you will see encouraging results.