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Tablea Delight

Tablea is a traditional chocolate mass made from cacao that is used in the province as a traditional homemade chocolate drink.

Tablea Delight has been a family recipe since the 1970’s as kept by the family’s elderly. Handmade in the province of Balamban, our tableas undergo the traditional process of tablea making.

Tablea Delight is roasted under burnt coconut husks and is crushed by hands. The crushed cacao or cacao nibs is separated by throwing the beans on air and letting the wind blow off the skin to separate it from the nibs. The nibs are then grinded and molded thereafter.

Production of this recipe has halted and was just revived last 2017. Made from 100% cacao beans, our tablea melts when stored under heated conditions (e.g. inside the car parked under the heat of the sun) this ensures that it is made with pure cacao as tablea mixed with sugar or sweeteners do not melt as fast as pure cacao.

Our product is packaged using a certain type of plastic pouch to minimize its melting.

A pouch weighs 200 grams, totaling 27 pieces of round chocolatey goodness.

Delight yourself a cup of homemade goodness!