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13402Y Optimal Baby Pillow

13402Y Optimal Baby Pillow

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Not too big, not to small but just right for a pint sized person. This baby pillow is designed to be everything your little person needs from their first pillow. 

• Pillow and Covers are made from materials that are naturally resistant to bacteria.
• Soft touch fabric that is gentle on sensitive skin.
• Moisture absorbing fibres that reduce build up of moisture around your baby's head e.g. baby sweat, saliva when teething & spilled milk
• Free from harsh chemicals (you know that horrible smell that some pillows have when you open them from their bag...our doesn't have that)
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Comes with a spare 100% cotton removable machine washable pillowcases.

Surface Cloth:100%COTTON
Pillow: Skin sensitive foam filling
Size: 40L(cm) x 30W(cm) x 2.5H (cm)

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