Collection: Ingrid & Isabel

The maternity invention that started it all in 2001. Holding up pants and carrying you through your pregnancy journey, from newly pregnant to mothering.
Extend the life of your pre-pregnancy clothes: This can be one of the most awkward stages, before the belly has popped and most people don't even know you’re pregnant. Bring on the blousy tops and wear the Bellaband® over unbuttoned or unzipped pre-pregnancy jeans, pants, skirts, shorts and more.
Transition from regular to maternity clothes: Hello, hand-me-downs! When loose-fitting bottoms are too baggy, use the Bellaband® to hold them up.
Welcome to the bump show!: Show it off with pride and continue to use the belly band to secure pants that are too tight to fasten or still too loose to stay up on their own.
Just grow with it. This is happening: As your belly size peaks, the Bellaband® works as a layering piece under shorter tops for added coverage and as extra support over ill-fitting maternity bottoms.
Hang in there, Mama!: The end can be so uncomfortable. But you are almost there! Use the Bellaband® for added support and an extra layer of coverage, as the tops you’ve been living in the last six weeks get even shorter to accommodate your ever-growing bump.
Yay! You did it!: As your body gradually recovers, wear the band over maternity clothes that are too loose and pre-pregnancy bottoms that are too tight. The Bellaband® also offers an added layer of coverage while nursing.