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59926 Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Caesar Salad
59926 Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Caesar Salad
59926 Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Caesar Salad

59926 Mamaway Baby Ring Sling Caesar Salad

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The patented reverse pocked design means a folded ring sling is similar to the size of a water bottle and weighs around 300 grams.


The fabric is made from 100% combed cotton, one of the strongest, softest and most breathable cotton around. The rings are made from ultra strong, Nylon 6,6 with rounded edges that won’t dig into you, slip or damage the fabric and is washing machine friendly.


The Ring Sling has been weight tested to hold 50kg over 24 hours with no damage to the fabric or the rings. The double ring design locks in place when there is weight pulling on it, the heavier the weight, the tighter it gets. This makes the sling 100% safe to carry your baby.

Ergonomic for parent & baby

Even weight distribution for the wearer Unlike padding slings and carriers that concentrates pressure onto one point, the ring sling fabric is the same thickness all the way, evenly distributing pressure and weight along your shoulder and across your back.

Hip and leg support for the baby

When proper hip position is maintained while babywearing, there may be substantial benefit for natural hip development. The Spread Squat position – also known as the M-Position, or Jockey Position – is recommended with the thighs spread around the wearer’s torso and the hips bent so the knees are slightly higher than the buttocks or at the level of the buttocks, with the thighs properly supported up to the knee. Read more at

An all-round baby carrier to comfortably and safely carry your baby, from newborn till they no longer wish to be carried. The perfect sling for hands free snuggles, getting things done while out and about, settling your baby and breastfeeding easily and discreetly. 

- One size fits all and fully adjustable, quick to set up and can be adjusted to fit different body sizes and positions in seconds. 
- Easy on your back : your baby's weight is evenly distributed along your back and shoulders to comfortably carry your baby or toddler, for hours on end! 
- Newborn carry position is snug like the womb and can help to settle your baby 
- Patented pocket design so you can take it anywhere 
- 100% Premium combed cotton, machine washable and fast drying 
- Durable Nylon ring tested to hold your toddler and more! 

Washing Instructions: Cold wash in laundry bag. Hang to dry in a cool place away from direct sunlight.

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