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BiocAir Air Purifying Solution

BiocAir Air Purifying Solution

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Made to be used with BioCair Dry Mist Machine, this solution is scientifically proven to kill 99.9999% airborne and surface pahtogens in 30 seconds. In compliance to the US Pharmacopoeia Standard. 

Keep your air disinfected and pathogen-free by using BioCair Air Purifying Solution (APS). 1 Hour of disinfection can last effectively up to 9 hours in a closed room. With a formula created to combat airborne and surface germs, it is suitable for use in places such as homes, workplaces, healthcare institutions, childcare and schools.

Kills harmful pathogens
Fragrance Free
Non-corrosive, non-irritant, non-toxic
Suitable for sensitive skin
Child-friendly formula
Deodorization power

Directions for use:
Use the BioCair Air Purifying Solution (APS) together with the BioCair Dry Mist Machine. 
1. Pour 500ml of BioCair Air Purifying Solution (APS) and 500ml of Distilled water into the BioCair Dry Mist Machine. 
2. Set the (a) mist level, (b) humidity level and (c) timer.
Recommended settings for daily/regular disinfection are:
(a) Mist Level 2 
(b) Humidity level should read "- -" 
(c) 1 hour for timer. 
Best time to disinfect is when everyone is in the room e.g. before sleeping when there won't be frequent opening and closing of doors. You may set the time longer if there is frequent opening and closing of doors. 
3. Turn on the Dry mist machine.
4. Manually turn off the machine if you didn't set the timer. Unplug it after use.

Important Notes: 
1. You may leave the mixed solution inside the tank of the Dry Mist Machine up to 7 days. Beyond that, please dispose of the solution, wash the tank with water and let it dry. 
2. If you use the BioCair Dry Mist Machine for a maximum of 1 hour per day on Mist Level 2, 500ml of Air Purifying Solution + 500ml of Distilled Water will last approximately 1 week. You may use lesser APS provided that you keep a ratio of 1:1 of APS to water e.g. 250ml APS + 250 ml water.

For external use only.
Avoid direct sunlight and store at room temperature.

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